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Livestream Your Life with Meerkat
Livestream Your Life with Meerkat

YouTube Vlogging is becoming more popular, and just when you think you’ve seen it all - Meerkat comes along.   With the ability to live stream real time events through a phone for all to see, it is the newest and latest social media channel.  It allows users to host a live broadcast from their smartphones- anytime, anywhere.  Only a few months old, it already has an estimated 300k active userbase.

What is Meerkat?

Meerkat is a free app that lets you view or stream live videos from your mobile device to anyone who follows you on Twitter (this is now called “Meerkatting”).   Streams can only be viewed in real time and cannot be replayed.  But, they can be saved to your phone- in case you want to upload to YouTube later! (Vlogging).

How is it used?

Meerkat can be used for anything whether you're streaming from a conference or just feel like meeting random strangers from a news feed. Recently used at Coachella, users were able to view footage created by festival-goers, backstage interviews, and celebrities LIVE from their phones. Jimmy Fallon has also Meerkatted his Tonight Show rehearsal.

USA Today College posted an article about the impact Meerkat, and competitor Periscope will have on campuses.  Check it out here!

Keep an eye out on the Campus Twitter for when we are Meerkatting from the office! :)

Alyssa Johnson
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