11 Ways to Reach College Students


Here are few marketing channels you may want to consider when going after the college student market. The channels are not listed by importance and these are certainly not the only ones, but it’ll get you thinking. The Campus team has years of experience marketing to students, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We can help you prioritize, plan, execute and ultimately reach college students and youth – contact us.

1. Facebook– try out some targeted ads

2. Google– target one of your AdWords campaigns to students

3. Twitter– target tweets to students and follow student groups to get the latest

4. Email– build a student following and make sure they get unique deals

5. SMS – send text messages to your followers

6. Postering – put up posters on campuses

7. YouTube– create cool videos targeted to students

8. Newspapers – college newspapers that is

9. TV – it’s actually not that bad and you can target it to student shows

10. Street teams – hire a group of students to talk to students

11. Events – CollegeFest at Fenway! (shameless plug!)

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