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Barnes & Noble College - The Hidden Marketing Gem on Campus
Barnes & Noble College - The Hidden Marketing Gem on Campus

Get in the minds of college consumers

When you think about the campus hotspots for students at the start of the school year, your mind jumps to dorms, the library, club fairs, (parties), the classroom and – the college bookstore.

Students prepare for back to school by picking up their semester textbooks, necessary school supplies, and purchase every school-branded sweatshirt/t-shirt/sweatpants/mug/pen possible (or get their parents to buy them).

Not only is Barnes & Noble College one of the best retail options on college campuses, but they are also a fantastic marketing & sampling solution for those wanting to connect with students online and in person.  I mean, HELLO everybody’s doing it… Why let your competitors beat you to the punch?

Here are some fantastic options to show your brand to the coolest kids on campus.

In-store marketing opportunities through Barnes & Noble College Marketing:

  • Product Sampling—Have face to face interaction and get your product in the hands of college students when they pick up their textbooks and pencils.
  • In-store signage—During one of the most high traffic times of year, get your message right in front of the consumers who matter most to your brand
  • Freshmen VIP Night—Sponsor a night of shopping, music, food and brand discovery exclusively held for the new kids on campus
  • Café Marketing—Market your product in one of Barnes & Noble’s Starbucks cafés
  • Other opportunities: TV Advertising, Postering and much more…


Don’t forget about digital! Reach students through a unique and creative digital campaign with Barnes & Noble College!

Digital marketing opportunities through Barnes & Noble College Marketing:

  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Social Media – Think branded blog post on The College Juice

To submit an inquiry please visit: http://thecampusagency.com/contact.php

Or email Andrew Laney, Director, Brand Development and Barnes & Noble College Partnerships at Andrew@thecampusagency.com

Alyssa Johnson
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Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa is one of our Account Managers, she is a graduate of UNH and a Wildcat to her core! She loves to spend her spare time exploring Boston, and supporting the Pats! Send her an email at alyssa@thecampusagency.com