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Campus Agency Launches On Campus Nation
Campus Agency Launches On Campus Nation


The Campus Agency, Inc. Launches On Campus Nation And Exclusive Partnership with Reppr, Allowing Brands With Any Size Budget to Market to College Students

BOSTON, MA (July 31, 2018) – The Campus Agency, Inc., a leading national college marketing agency,  announced this week the formation of On Campus Nation, a new service that gives brands immediate reach to the elusive college demographic, now primarily made up by GenZ.

On Campus Nation is a network of thousands of current college students from hundreds of different universities across the U.S. that have signed up and are excited and ready to promote brands on their campus, delivering results against very efficient budgets.  

On Campus Nation is designed as an option for brands that don’t have a need or the budget for an intensive semester or year long student ambassador program, but are still looking to tap into college student’s enthusiasm and social networks, on and offline. The service will focus on short term, high visibility campaigns that bring an authentic student voice to: product sampling, marketing material distribution, social media promotion and product seeding. The “Nation” of college students are true “hand raisers”, students that can’t wait to engage their peers on campus and promote brands that they care about.

“We’re really excited about this expanded offering. Brands have been coming to us looking for this type of service and there’s clearly been a void in the market. On Campus Nation gives us the ability to immediately deliver high-impact, quick hitting, college marketing programs and give our “Nation” of students valuable experiences” said Paul Tedeschi, CEO of The Campus Agency.

A recent poll conducted by On Campus Nation revealed that over 80% of students nationally are interested in short term on campus marketing opportunities.

“It’s been incredible to see the enthusiasm from students and how excited they are about the opportunity to help brands develop relationships with students on their campus,” said Chris Nyland, COO of The Campus Agency.

As a part of the launch, On Campus Nation has formed an exclusive strategic partnership with brand management software, Reppr, to continue optimizing, organizing and growing Reppr under the On Campus Nation umbrella.

"By creating an exclusive partnership with On Campus Nation, any company can now benefit from a college marketing program," said Manny Lubin, Co-Founder of Reppr, who has seen over 600 brands sign up for his platform. "By forming this partnership, brands of all sizes can sit back and let the experts run the show. It's the most effective way to spend a college marketing budget."

About The Campus Agency, Inc.

The Campus Agency is a national college marketing agency headquartered in Boston, MA. Its sole focus is building the relevance of our clients within the college student demographic, now primarily made up by GenZ. Campus unlocks this audience and turns them into passionate, loyal advocates, dramatically increasing their lifetime customer value for our clients.  

About Reppr

Reppr is a platform which enables students and recent grads to contribute to the marketing efforts of brands they love. With user representation on over 1500 campuses and thousands of towns and cities, Reppr is the go-to place to connect with reps, ambassadors and micro-influencers.


For additional information, please contact us at: courtney@thecampusagency.com www.thecampusagency.com, www.oncampusnation.com


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