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CollegeFest Student Engagement with Sohalo
CollegeFest Student Engagement with Sohalo

This year, CollegeFest and Campus partnered with Sohalo to help expand the influence and reach of CollegeFest into the social engagement space. 

Key Objectives were:

  • Create even more value and ROI for CollegeFest’s participating brands
  • Connect students’ social networks to the CollegeFest Social Hub
  • Engage students socially with more than 30 branded offers with value exchanged
  • Extend CollegeFest, traditionally a one-day live event, via digital channels and well beyond the single day into a year-round program

See the early results from the Sohalo driven CollegeFest Socail Hub here.

Courtney Duggan
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Courtney Duggan

Courtney is the Director of Account Management. She graduated from Bentley University with a degree in Marketing. She also loves anything and everything Vermont, and will find a way to bring it up in most conversations. For additional information send her an email.