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Facebook Strategy: 5 Tips
Facebook Strategy: 5 Tips

Give them what they want

Guess what? When someone clicks that little like button, they actually make a connection with your brand. They're telling you that they like your page, your brand, and what you give them. So, your job now is to give them what they want, not what you want. Don't fill your page with marketing. Remember, that's what you want, not what they want. The more you know about why someone likes your page, the easier it will be for you to please them.

Don't be something you're not

Culture is like language, you can only participate if you get it. Students and youth are different. You can't read an article about slang in the Wall Street Journal. It doesn't qualify. If you're old, don't try to be young. Work with someone that speaks their language and that knows what they're interested in. Then, (and this is the hard part) trust them!

Have a plan

The best posts and the best pages are not nearly as random as most people think. Great marketing starts with a smart plan. How do you get users to hit the like button? Can we get people to tag themselves? What are we willing to give away? What's a new fan worth to us? Make sure your message is consistent and in line with what you stand for as a brand. Remember, they like you. They like you.


Things need to happen. Make sure someone's in charge of the page and make sure they update it often. You should also make use of Facebook's excellent tools as often as possible. You can review your “Insights" to follow active users, new likes, post views and more, but most importantly, learn. Under your posts, you will find two important stats: 1) Impressions and 2) Feedback. Impressions is fairly self-explanatory but keeping an eye on it can teach you when to post to get the most impressions (i.e. Sunday morning is good for a church, not so good for a vodka brand). Feedback is king. It tells you how many people had some kind of interaction with this post. Go through your posts and find common denominators for posts that got a high percentage feedback. Then, do posts like those more often.

Keep it simple

Messages should be short. Only pose one question at a time. Avoid complicated instructions.

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Courtney Duggan
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Courtney Duggan

Courtney is the Director of Account Management. She graduated from Bentley University with a degree in Marketing. She also loves anything and everything Vermont, and will find a way to bring it up in most conversations. For additional information send her an email.