The Campus Agency helped Adobe build its ambassador program from the ground up, successfully scaling it year over year to create a community and network around creativity among GenZ nationwide. We tapped into our robust campus network to empower the top creative and marketing students on campuses in the US and Canada to become year long ambassadors, with the goal of inspiring their peers to Make the Leap on their creative journey and to learn how Adobe can be used by all, no matter what your background.

We worked with our ambassadors to host events, workshops and to fulfill marketing tactics including social media, outreach to campus orgs, info session, postering and flyer in campus hot spots, all to motivate students to start tapping into their creative ability using Adobe.

Adobe was able to create a ground swell of new adopters of their programs, breaking the stigma that their programs are only for artists or graphic designers, but provide use cases valuable to any student, especially for helping to propel their careers and passions beyond school.

Overall Results:

  • Workshops Conducted: 829+
  • Workshop Attendance: 20,000+
  • Downloads: 10,031+ 
  • Campus Organization Outreach: 7,000+
  • Artwork Created: 15,100+ 

Based on this program and others, social media has and continues to have a huge impact amongst Gen Z. Paired with an on the ground ambassador program helps reinforce the message, while building awareness. Organic posts by ambassadors inspired and amplified engagement, while acts as a significant tool to promote workshops and events for the Adobe program.

Year over year total organic social media results:

  • Organic Social Media Posts: 8,814
  • Organic Social Media Reach: 416,596
  • Organic Social Media Engagement: 570,959
  • Organic Social Media Impressions: 1,094,987

Paid social media takes program reach and impressions to the next level. Using ambassador content or highlighting specific events and activities through this option can often get you results 5x the amount which you would get with organic.

This is a sample of paid social media results for one semester during the fall 2020 program (4 total posts, running for 2 weeks at a time, each promoting an Adobe challenge or event with an overall budget of $4,900):

  • Paid Social Media Reach: 302,030
  • Paid Social Media Engagement: 7,535
  • Paid Social Media Impressions: 579,339

Overall Social stats program-wide:

  • Total Social Media Reach: 718,626
  • Total Social Media Engagement: 578,494
  • Total Social Media Impressions: 1,674,326

Less significant stats if needed:

  • Units purchased: 679
  • Leads Captured: 6,822