We produced Discord’s ambassador program targeting college students to join the platform with key messaging making a more inclusive community, and breaking the stigma that Discord is a social and communications platform only for gamers. We opened up Discord to all students and organizations by utilizing our ambassador team to relay Discord’s benefits and above all else positioning it as a place to elevate: interactions with peers, chats about interests and new friendships.

We worked with our ambassadors to build contact pipelines with students representing organizations, conduct outreach through email and social media, plan and execute tabling events with Discord merch and set up meetings with groups and clubs to help them activate servers on Discord. 

The Discord ambassador program taught students across the country how to use Discord and all the benefits of the free communication platform. Our ambassadors helped them customize servers to foster their communities. 

Overall Results:

  • 9,523 messages through outreach
  • 7,418 contacts
  • 287 club meetings
  • 177 activations

Discord Events 

In addition to the ambassador program, we worked with Discord to put on events around the country aimed at driving awareness and signups of “Student Hubs” or exclusive campus groups. 

We held three restaurant takeovers, where we collabed with relatable local coffee shops and offered free coffee for joining Discord and food for joining Student Hubs. 

Each event sold out and we surpassed our sign up goal for Student Hubs! We also had a great opportunity to embed surveying in order to gain significant insights for the brand from the student attendees.

Events Results:

  • UCSB Coffee Shop Takeover: 500+ Bagels and Lattes Redeemed 
  • UT Austin Coffee Shop Takeover: 500+ Breakfast Tacos and Lattes Redeemed 
  • UIUC Coffee Shop Takeover: 500+ Breakfast Sandwiches and Lattes Redeemed