New York Times

A media industry staple for nearly 170 years, the New York Times has been a trusted source for generations of readers. For the past 7 years, The New York Times has enlisted The Campus Agency to help introduce new student subscribers to their informative and engaging content. Over the course of our seven year relationship with the New York Times we have managed over 300 ambassadors at hundreds of universities, and have held over 400 on-campus events generating tens of thousands of new readers.

Our ambassadors leverage their networks, both on social and on campus to build relationships with a new generation of potential New York Times subscribers. From breaking news on the front page to in-depth explorations of art, fashion, sports, politics, and news from around the globe, our ambassadors have helped students discover everything the New York Times has to offer by tabling in high-traffic campus locations, holding information sessions for student groups and contacting professors to help spread the word.