UNiDAYS is a website, giving students exclusive access to discounts for popular brands. Brands through this platform are able to target students specifically, while validating users through .edu credentials. The goal was to bring this UK based platform to the US market and build awareness through specific tactics reaching college students. This program targeted Gen Z through Instagram influencers, focusing on producing content showcasing real brands found on the UNiDAYS platform, while also pairing social media with on campus events.

Overall Organic Influencer Results:

  • 153 Instagram posts focused on product
  • 54,143 like followers reached
  • 166,480 impressions
  • 39,971 engagement
  • 24% Engagement rate

Boosted Ad Plans help reach an even wider audience!

Utilizing influencer content to retarget Gen Z through paid ads, allows us to narrow in our targeting to specific schools gaining even more reach and impressions within this audience.

Strategy – Optimize for clicks

  • 109 posts
  • 372,420 reached
  • 858,367 impressions
  • 14,218 overall clicks (direct link clicks 3,369)
  • CTR is 1.66% Unique CTR 3.14%
  • CPC (cost per click) is $0.85 (cost per link click $2.40)

UNiDAYS On Campus Events

Events are a proven method to bring sign up based apps/products to market quickly with a high return. For UNiDAYS, we produced the most efficient branded footprint that was highly engaging to Gen Z and could travel to popup at any time, on any campus. The key to success was using our exclusive partner relations to gain natural and built in foot traffic at the most significant events and locations on campus.

  • 15 Events, 15 schools
  • 215,500 Impressions
  • XXXX unique sign ups