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Harley Reaches Gen-Z

Harley-Davidson occupies a singular position in American cultural consciousness. Their motorcycles elicit visions of never-ending roads, wide open spaces, and unlimited adventure. For over a century, the iconic potato-potato-potato of a Harley engine has come to signify more than just a brand. To generations of Americans, a hand on the throttle of a Harley means the freedom to forge your own path and define your own destiny.

But newer generations of Americans didn’t seem to get the message. Harley riders grew increasingly older, with Baby Boomers becoming a disproportionately large share of the brand’s customers. Harley’s storied history seemed to hamper them in marketing to Millennials and Gen Z, who saw them as a relic of a bygone era.

Or did they? With The Campus Agency’s help, Harley sought to discover a new market for their legendary motorcycles in the new generation of students who were simply unfamiliar with motoculture at large.

Reintroducing one of America’s most beloved brands to a new generation took the creation of unforgettable experiences for students. With our team’s help, Harley-Davidson found a network of students across the South who craved the thrills, excitement, and unbridled opportunity that comes with the wind whipping around their helmet on the back of a Harley motorcycle.

At four campuses, we sent a team of ambassadors to Harley riding school to learn the ins and outs of safe motorcycling. Armed with startup merch kits and a taste of Harley-fueled freedom, our ambassadors created a new motoculture movement on their campuses. They combed their schools for two-wheeled vehicles, leaving promotional materials for travelers who might want to amp up their two-wheel experience. They tabled for Harley in high-traffic areas on campus, in local coffee shops, and at Harley dealership events. Freedom Fridays, in which ambassadors raffled off Harley swag kits, became the hottest competition on campus.

The Campus Agency staged over 50 experiential marketing events for Harley-Davidson in 2019. At the University of Alabama’s fall activities fair, our ambassadors created the Bama Rides Out group, giving over 500 new students a crash course in motoculture. We teamed up with Sony and a local dealership at the University of Texas to host a tailgate activation event, where our ambassadors distributed merchandise and Riding Academy vouchers to some of the Longhorns’ most stalwart fans. Then, Harley-Davidson took over the annual Eve Carson 5K at the University of North Carolina, working in partnership with Greek organizations at one of UNC’s biggest philanthropic events of the year.
Our #CampusAgencyPowered Harley-Davidson campaign generated a fresh surge of buzz around an American tradition. Though their brand had struggled to attract younger generations, with The Campus Agency’s help, they found that the appetite for the freedom and excitement Harley represents is just as strong now as it was back in 1903. All it took to tap into this excitement was a little kick-start.

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Allo Messaging Meets Gen Z

When Google made their first foray into the group messaging app market with Allo, they knew that Gen Z would be the keystone of their consumer base. Allo’s competitors had a considerable market share among students who used group messaging apps to text their network of friends and communicate with fellow members of teams, clubs, and other organizations, and Google needed an eye-catching marketing strategy to entice students to switch their conversations to Allo. Enter The Campus Agency.

In the spring of 2017, The Campus Agency ran a test Allo campaign on our home turf in Boston. We organized Allo takeovers at Boston University and Northeastern University, working with 40 campus ambassadors to promote Allo to their fellow students. Enlisting some of Boston’s best-known food trucks, like Cookie Monstah and Boston Frosty, we gave away personalized sweets to students who downloaded Allo, with their Allo group names and photos mouth-wateringly rendered in icing and edible ink.

Our Boston campus takeover culminated in a one-of-a-kind concert by the chart-topping band Bleachers at Royale, one of the city’s most storied music venues. Free to any student who had downloaded Allo, the concert utilized Google’s latest technology to create free, personalized Allo merchandise for the 1200 lucky students admitted.

Energized by the success of our Boston event, Google enlisted The Campus Agency’s help to expand our Allo takeover to the 14 universities in the Big Ten Conference in the fall of 2017. With 20 ambassadors raising Allo’s profile on each campus, we curated our Allo campaign to match each school’s unique personality. At every Big Ten university, we released a branded pedicab onto the streets. Anyone who’d downloaded Allo was given a free ride in the pedicab to anywhere they pleased around campus, with our ambassadors explaining Allo’s unique features and distributing promotional materials along the ride. At student-frequented eateries around each campus, we purchased thousands of popular menu items for anyone who downloaded Allo, with ambassadors in each restaurant tabling for Allo during the promotion.

The Campus Agency made Allo’s Big Ten takeover a fixture of the conference’s sports calendar. Our Allo signage in stadiums and arenas reached tens of thousands of fans in the stands and millions more watching at home. On campus, our Allo tailgate parties, complete with branded cornhole games and catered food giveaways, became a nexus of school spirit each Saturday.

For each Allo campus takeover, we prioritized locally-minded engagement and student-driven experiences. At the University of Wisconsin, we staged an Allo tailgate party in partnership with the Phi Oompa Loompa fraternity, giving away free grilled cheeses from the x food truck. For students camping out to be first in line for season tickets at basketball-crazed Michigan State, Allo delivered free catered meals and blanketed campus dining trucks in branded signage.

The publicity generated by our Allo Big Ten campaign resulted in x downloads and x percent growth in brand awareness. We gave away x dollars of food, merchandise, and rides, and directly engaged x thousand students. In total, The Campus Agency’s Google Allo campaign created x million PR impressions.

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Going BIG With Nordstrom

Before working with Campus, Nordstrom had a college conundrum. On the whole, their brand was thriving, opening destination stores, showing collections at high-profile fashion weeks worldwide, and commanding enviable levels of brand recognition. Yet, they struggled to entice students to their stores. Nordstrom, to Gen Z, seemed to be a place their parents would shop, a place that sold clothes and accessories that they wouldn’t afford on a college budget.

So, with Campus’ help, Nordstrom decided to step into the GenZ space and really speak their language. Working with on-campus ambassadors and using pinpointed media buys, our team staged a college rivalry competition at schools across the country. The campaign highlighted the range and affordability of Nordstrom’s shoe collection, conceived to “help every student take their next best step in life with style.”

To demonstrate their investment in students and drive campaign participation Nordstrom pledged a custom Nordstrom Shoe Party to that the campus that generated the most engagement during the campaign. They also promised $100 credit for new graduation shoes to all the winning school’s seniors. With supermodel Karlie Kloss emceeing the event and promoting the brand on social, Nordstrom’s Snapchat following increased by over 60%, and the event’s Snap filter garnered nearly 7 million views.

By getting faculty, staff and even their university President involved, students at the University of South Carolina blitzed the rivalry competition and were crowned the winning school. The event was envisioned as a dream Nordstrom store landscape, decked out with a custom handbag creation station, a chair massage area, and a catwalk where students (attendees? participants?) showcased their favorite new fashion. Students received free mani/pedis and clamored for photo ops with Karlie Kloss and Cocky the Gamecock.

Nordstrom also gifted $100 vouchers to over 2,000 graduating seniors from USC.

The publicity generated by the campaign drove over 300 million PR impressions. The breakdown of the numbers speaks for itself: 3.2 million views for the Nordstrom digital ad, 235k Snapchat filter uses, and press coverage from nearly a dozen national outlets, including Anderson Cooper, People Magazine, and US Weekly.

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Spring Break Marketing 2015


Why Spring Break is Important

With around 1.5 million students attending Spring Break every year and spending near 1 billion dollars in Florida and Texas alone, Spring Break marketing is a huge opportunity for college-oriented brands. Furthermore, Spring Break gives brands the unique opportunity to reach college students from many different areas of the country in a single location.

Spring Break Strategy

As with any marketing campaign, going into Spring Break, it is essential that you develop a strategy that will capture the attention of students. Are you looking to do a big activation? Do you want to be on-beach or focus on nightlife promotions? What message are you trying to send? How do you plan on engaging the students and getting them excited about your brand? What needs are you fulfilling with your campaign? What will be the overall outcome of your activation? These are all important questions to ask when planning a Spring Break marketing campaign. It’s also important not to lose focus on what matters – the students. Keep their wants and needs in mind and find a way to appeal to them in a unique way that they will appreciate.

Great Spring Break Campaigns Provide Value For Students And For Your Brand

Spring Break is a key marketing opportunity for any brand looking to reach the college demographic. Once a year students descend on a few key locations around the country, giving brands a unique opportunity to reach and connect with a huge number of students in a short period of time. With over 25 years of college marketing experience, Campus has the experience and assets to put any brand front and center at Spring Break.

Join Campus at the reigning #1 Spring Break destination, Panama City Beach, Florida. In the month of March it’s beautiful beaches bring together college students from all around the country, exciting performances, national brands, games and contests. Campus also has a significant presence in Daytona Beach, Miami and South Beach, Spring Break powerhouses who play host to swarms of college students. With hotel and beach access at a variety of properties, Spring Break activations can range from unique to traditional, all in keeping with your brand image.

Traveling west you’ll find South Padre Island, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. South Padre is a magnet for college students from all over Texas and the Midwest. If you are looking to connect with students from the west coast, Lake Havasu, AZ is the place to be. Located along the Colorado river between Arizona and California, Lake Havasu offers an incredible setting and is a perfect spot to soak in the desert sun. With over 100 acres of hotel, beach and water access.

Branding opportunities at Spring Break take many forms and Campus will secure access and manage all of your activations to ensure maximum engagement and exposure. Are looking for space and want to activate your spring break promotion yourself? No problem, we’ll be there to get you where you need to be and answer any questions you have along the way.

Options include:

  • Custom Beach Activations
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Concerts Sponsorship
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Bus Wraps
  • Logo Projections
  • Hotel & On-Beach Sampling
  • Pool Deck Branding and Sponsorship
  • Hotel Signage
  • Branded Key Cards & Door Hangers
  • Elevator Wraps
  • Branded Shower Curtains & other In-Room Options
  • Billboards
  • Website Takeovers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Email Blasts


Whether you have a Spring Break marketing strategy planned out or are still assessing the opportunity, Campus can help formulate a successful plan of action to get you marketing on beach and beyond.

Spring Break Marketing Destinations Include:
Panama City Beach, FL
Lake Havasu, AZ
Daytona Beach, FL
South Padre Island, TX
Miami Beach, FL

To request our full spring break capabilities deck, contact Chris Nyland at 857-233-4792 and/or

All statistics from

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Panama City Beach Spring Break Marketing 2015

If you are looking to market to college students for Spring Break 2015, Panama City Beach is the place to be and be seen. Over 400,000 students flood the white sand beaches of this Florida paradise over the course of the month.

Here at Campus, we have exclusive branding and beach rights at the Summit Hotel in Panama City Beach, one of the most popular spring break hotels on the strip. The Summit pool deck is the envy of vacationers at other hotels, and it is the place to be day and night.

Located close to large nightclubs and beach bars, The Summit Hotel offers many different marketing opportunities for brands.

The beach out front is perfect to reach students from all hotels who are exploring the beach. You’ll also be close to the action when CMA Entertainer of the year, Luke Bryan takes the stage at Spring Break for the last time at Spinnaker. Summit is located next to club, and the free concert is expected to attend a record number of students, so you’ll have no shortage of spring breakers to market to.

Assets at the Summit include:

  • Hotel signage and branding
  • Branded key cards
  • Pool deck branding
  • On beach activation in front of the Summit
  • In room drops
  • Elevator wraps
  • Collateral distribution

But the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Campus also has access to the best spring break night-life marketing assets. Want to create VIP experiences, sponsor music or have a signature drink? Working with Campus you’ll be able to put together a dynamic spring break marketing program that will reach students during every moment of Spring Break 2015 in Panama City Beach, FL!

Contact for more info! Or send us a message.

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CollegeFest at Fenway 2014: Recap

Boston, MA (November) – CollegeFest at Fenway Park welcomed over 10,000 college students on Saturday, September 13. As the most heavily attended back-to-school event in New England, students were showered with free giveaway items and the ability to interact with their favorite local, regional and national brands.

Musical entertainment included BoyMeetsWorld, Notoriety, Danielle Prou, The House on a Cliff, The Devil’s Twin, Aldous Collins Band, Stone Giant, and STL GLD.

The event was presented by Army ROTC. Admission was free thanks to SALT. Thank you to all the vendors who attended!

Check out some of the photos from the event.

To register for CollegeFest 2015 submit inquiries to