Why Purpose Matters: Driving Engagement to a New Level

Interactive events are perfect for driving engagement and a higher level of brand awareness. But far too often, even brands that are willing to take creative risks and pursue experiential activations forget to ask themselves, “What’s the purpose?” Finding new customers and making money is great, but those are simply results. We’re talking about the “Why?” — the deeper purpose that makes the activation relevant and meaningful.

For our most recent even with Adobe, we knew the purpose all along, we wanted to highlight one simple truth; with the right tools, anyone can create something meaningful and impactful, and it showed through in each step of the process.

It all started with the movie poster movie contest, which was completely open to students across the nation. This gave thousands of students inspiration and motivation to pursue a creative project that they knew had the chance to become something more.

Then came the movie. By transforming the poster into a movie written and directed by Zach Braff, it gave the poster attention and press. It also gave the winner Sam West a chance to look behind the scenes and see what goes into the making of a short film of that quality.

Finally we had the Movie premiere, the activation that would showcase the movie and wrap up the whole project. This event was first and foremost an opportunity to publicly celebrate contest winner Sam West, but it was also our chance to bring the art of the poster to life in other ways. This meant creating multiple interactive exhibits, victorian era props and costumes, and even a string band.

It also gave us a chance to involve relevant student groups and show different communities some of the creative power that comes with using Adobe products. Not only did they attend, but multiple student publications wrote about the events and used it as an opportunity to create content.

What started as a winning poster, then became a movie, and finally became a full fledged movie premiere event. But the meaning behind it all remained the same, highlighting one student’s powerful work, and showing everyone that creativity can be bigger than the classroom.


What Marketers Can Learn from The Top Trends for College Students in 2019

Instagram remains to be the king of social media. Dominating over Snapchat and adopting some of its features in the process. Instagram now has stories, filters, disappearing direct messages and more. Owned by Facebook and sharing its ad platform- it’s never been easier for marketers to advertise on Instagram.

Ariana Grande
She’s graced the billboards with multiple hits in the last few months, and she has the celebrity clout to back it all up, even being named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people of 2019. What many don’t know is that she just inked a new deal with luxury brand Givenchy, who want to use her as the new face of the brand.

Spiked Seltzers
Spiked Seltzers have become the drink of choice for many college students, they’re lighter, low in sugars and other carbs, plus they’re gluten free. Many people find that they’re easier to drink, and don’t fill you up as much as beer. Its quick jump in popularity has caused many beverage companies to jump on the train, such as Boston Beer Company with Truly and Mike’s Hard with White Claws.

After launching their new “Dream Crazier” campaign, Nike has received a lot of positive attention for the inclusive and inspiring nature of their content. While this slogan hasn’t surpassed “Just Do It”, it’s a refreshing message from a brand that is almost always in the spotlight. Other brands definitely have something to learn from Nike’s ability to turn a script on its head and bring universal values into its messaging.

Going out to eat
It’s no surprise that a top choice for spending extra money is still going out to eat. The convenience of not having to cook in a dorm room, and the variety of options is sure to lure in college students for many years to come.

Game of Thrones
On it’s last season, GOT is peaking in popularity and seeming to pull in new fans left and right in the process. They have partnered with over 100 brands including Bud Light, AT&T, Adidas and Red Cross. These brands saw a golden opportunity and took it when the timing mattered the most.

Coachella has continued to reach further recognition not only as a music festival, but a cultural event that includes all types of media. Not unlike SXSW, it has also become a popular place for companies to activate and give attendees unique brand experiences.


YouTubeTV’s on Campus Marketing Plan

Among Gen Z and Millennials, traditional television viewership has reached historic lows, dropping over 40% since 2011. Surveys* tell us that over two-thirds of Gen Z stream their favorite content on platforms like Netflix and YouTube. But this doesn’t mean college students have abandoned live TV to the dustbin of history.

Knowing students still craved access to live TV that other streaming services didn’t provide, our team worked with YouTube TV to launch a College Campus program. Highlighting access to professional sports like MLB and the NBA along with 60+ traditional networks, our team tailored the program to students’ tastes, showcasing multi-user accounts intended for roommates and friends to share costs. With our help, YouTube TV found that gathering students back around the couch for live sports and Bachelor viewing parties was simple.

To build legitimate buzz and strong engagement, our team built a multi-faceted marketing blitz that went BIG in 4 major DMAs. 36 student ambassadors at 6 universities organized more than 20 on-campus events, creating constant one to one engagement with YouTube TV. These ambassador-driven experiences ranged from tabling in high-traffic locations around campus to live viewing parties hosted by Greek organizations and other student groups.

YouTube TV also became a hot commodity through our partnership with college campus bookstores. The Campus Agency placed YouTube TV tables and signage in bookstores and released a series of promotional emails to tens of thousands of students. Our bookstore partnership also allowed us to include YouTube TV promotional materials in textbook order boxes and distribute postcards to thousands of students who made purchases at the bookstores each day.

We also built out larger experiential marketing events designed around each school’s specific atmosphere and traditions. These university takeovers leveraged some of the participating schools’ hottest events into unforgettable experiences for thousands of students.

At Georgia Tech, we built a YouTube TV Fan Zone at the Yellow Jackets’ homecoming football game, making sure the 20,000 students and young alumni at the event had a first hand experience with the brand. To take the hype to a higher degree, we customized a branded EV with screens showcasing YouTube TV’s content, promoting the service while we transported hundreds of game attendees around campus.

The Campus Agency made YouTube TV the belle of the ball at some of the nation’s highest-profile on-campus events. To help welcome the Big Apple’s newest residents, we hit the streets of Greenwich Village for a YouTube TV extravaganza at New York University’s freshman orientation. A few weeks later, we took over UCLA’s Bruin Bash, engaging with over 15,000 attendees at one of the biggest student experiences on the west coast.

Combined with our ambassador-led campus events, YouTube TV’s #CampusAgencyPowered College Campus Program created over 40,000 direct consumer experiences with current college students. Our takeovers placed YouTube TV at the center of the conversation at some of the biggest student events in the nation, and our campaign resulted in over 5,100 app downloads.

The Campus Agency creates unique consumer experiences for national and international brands at over 2,000 campuses across the U.S. Learn more about our capabilities here.

We work with thousands of student ambassadors to promote both national and regional brands on college campuses. Learn more about our ambassador programs here.


Targeting Students: Learn from Apple

There are certainly numerous reasons for Apple’s staggering success over the past few years. Great design, smart marketing, and a larger product line are merely a few. Targeting students has been a key factor as well. According to numbers from Student Monitor and Fortune, Apple has gone from a college market share in the teens to almost thirty percent, all in five years. Among students planning to buy a new computer, 47% plan to buy a Mac.

Needless to say, these are staggering numbers, but how did they do this? Apple understands the value of the college market. They have been committed to the idea that today’s savvy college students are tomorrow’s business men and women. They have also understood the importance of price differentiation. The Apple Store for Education provides college students with a discount on Apple products. Apple gets it. If the product is right and the perceived benefit is greater than the cost, well then student budgets are suddenly more flexible. Apple’s computers are significantly more expensive than Dell’s, yet they now have a greater market share.

Apple has had a loyal following for decades, but breaking into the college market is not solely a result of more accessible products, it is also a great example of smart marketing. Steve Jobs and his team understand the value of their illuminated logos. Think about it. What other group of adults spends as much time together as students? Somewhere between a 10% market share and a 27% market share there is a tipping point. Macs are all of a sudden “everywhere” and students need one. Word of mouth is crucial.

Bottom line

Apple has successfully taken a big bite of the college market. They have done it with great products, smart marketing, price differentiation, but most importantly, by recognizing the importance of the college market. It’s different and it needs its own strategy. So what’s your college marketing strategy? Are students talking about your products? Let us help you start a fire.


Boston Globe: Retailers tap into College Student Marketing

College Day at Fenway Park 2013 took place on September 7th, 2013. It was a sunny, beautiful day in Boston, and students lined up early to get into the park and interact with all the exhibitors, vendors and retailers. The Boston Globe covered the event. See the article here:

For more information on College Day please contact Courtney Beinhaur:


Grocery Stores get a Makeover Suited to the Tastes of a Younger Generation

Lowes Foods, a grocery chain with locations in the Carolinas and Virginia, is taking advice from Buzzfeed and Pixar in their redesign. It sounds crazy, but it may just work. Lowes, a previously traditional grocery chain, is attempting to capture the millennial market who often frequent trendy grocery stores with more organic options like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

By taking on the quippy voice of Buzzfeed and an aesthetic like one you might see in a Toy Story movie, they may be onto something. The new Lowes has created an environment with it’s own personality, perhaps more like a step inside a dream world rather than a place to run into for a gallon of milk. They have created self-deprecating and ironic ads to promote their new image with sayings like, “Grocery Finally Grows a Pear” to further differentiate themselves from traditional grocery stores. After all, the last thing millennials want to do is live in the world of their baby boomer parent.

To check out more pictures of Lowes visit:…