Delta Air Lines to Power Inaugural CollegeFest Travel Show

BOSTON– StudentUniverse, the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth, today announced that it has joined forces with The Camus Agency to launch the inaugural CollegeFest Travel Show. The Campus Agency is a marketing agency specializing in the student market, as well as the owner/operators of CollegeFest, now entering its 32nd year. Delta Air Lines is the presenting sponsor of this event in partnership with SkyTeam and Virgin Atlantic.

The Travel Show will give college students the opportunity to connect onsite with airlines, tour operators, travel insurance providers, study abroad programs, tourism boards and lifestyle brands, to inspire their next adventure. A speaker lineup will provide students with information on topics ranging from planning a gap year to how to use video and social media on their next trip. Students will also have the opportunity to win travel giveaways and take advantage of event day offers with individual exhibitors. The event is exclusively for college students and is free to attend.

“Opportunities that allow us to move past traditional advertising and engage with student travelers face-to-face to familiarize them with our brand are always very exciting for Delta,” said Anthony Davis, Specialty Sales, Delta Air Lines. “The Travel Show is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about Delta routes, the SkyMiles loyalty program and global airline partners for students looking to travel abroad or around the US. We look forward to sponsoring the show in April!”

CollegeFest is the most heavily attended back-to-school event in New England, attracting thousands of college students each September. The Travel Show is a natural extension of the brand and will utilize the combined marketing power of StudentUniverse and CollegeFest to attract youth travelers throughout Boston and beyond. “I’m beyond excited to be bringing CollegeFest back to Boston University,” said Paul Tedeschi, CEO, The Campus Agency. “The event originated there over 30 years ago, and as a Boston University alum, it’s amazing to see it come full circle.”

“Many students can become overwhelmed when planning an unfamiliar trip – their first international adventure, a cross-country road trip, gap year or study abroad experience,” said Jim Zambrano, director of brand partnerships, StudentUniverse. “The ability for brands to connect face-to-face with students with a predisposition for travel and build lasting connections offline is a rare opportunity and a huge advantage as students are beginning to build brand affinities in a crowded marketplace.”

The CollegeFest Travel Show is taking place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center at 916 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. Other event sponsors that will be exhibiting onsite include Virgin Atlantic Airways, Topdeck Tours, T-Mobile, L.L. Bean, Norwegian, Air Europa, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, CIEE and many others.

What to get involved?

Contact Andrew Laney at

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3 Reasons We Value Company Culture – and You Should, Too

With a 40+ hour/week work schedule being standard in the U.S., the idea of a good work-life balance leaves much to be desired. While this used to be prioritized by employees, a recent study by Glassdoor found that work-life balance was actually the least important factor when it comes to workplace satisfaction. Surprisingly, company culture and company values ranked in the top two spots.

This trend seems to be increasingly gaining momentum in the modern workplace. Whether it’s Bagel Fridays or ski weekends in New Hampshire, we strive to foster a strong company culture here at Campus. Here are three reasons why Campus values company culture, and your company should too:

1. It Sets and Maintains Employee Direction

According to an article by, Why Corporate Culture Is Becoming Even More Important, company culture does a lot to help build upon and improve other areas of your business. First, by encouraging engagement in out of office excursions, you’re helping set and maintain direction of your employees. You’re showing them that you understand they are deserving of a break or some type of reward for a job well done.

Likewise, it also helps them keep their sanity and to refocus when it’s time to get work done. For the Campus Summer Outing this year, we ended one of our work days early, had a few beers and pizza in the office and then headed over to Fenway Park to catch a Red Sox game on the Bud Light Roof Deck. This fun company outing definitely helped us recharge for the rest of the season.

2. Retention and Team Chemistry

Another benefit to a implementing these social out of the ordinary activities is employee retention. If your company is perceived as “fun,” you’ll attract better talent and a higher quality applicant pool. More importantly, the employees who understand those company values and are good at their jobs are more likely to stay for the long haul.

For example, the Campus Team had not one but two Christmas parties this year. At the second one, we donned our ugly Christmas sweaters for a Secret Santa gift exchange, enjoyed drinks and apps at a restaurant close to the office and finished our night at a karaoke bar (Frank Sinatra was involved). Personally, I’m going to stick around so I can see an encore performance at next year’s Christmas party.

Team building activities also do wonders for chemistry among employees. A few weeks ago the Campus team participated (admittedly unsuccessfully) in an Escape The Room challenge. Given just one hour, we had to use our critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills to solve elusive clues and unlock the door of the room we were trapped in. Even though we ran out of time, each person played their part in helping to solve the clues. Afterwards we drowned our sorrows with drinks and apps and strategized for our next Escape the Room challenge.

This month we also ventured to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire for a weekend retreat of skiing, comfort food and countless team bonding games. When your employees voluntarily choose to spend their weekend together eating and sleeping in the same house (with spotty cell reception), you know you’ve got a good thing going.

3. Company Image

Lastly, a good company culture reflects well on your company’s overall image and effectiveness to get the job done. Depending on your company’s area of expertise, it lets your clients and customers know you can relate well to the people you are dealing with.

At Campus, we have laid back atmosphere and casual dress code (shoes are optional, slippers are encouraged). This company mentality helps us better connect to the people we engage with on a daily basis–college students. We understand the college lifestyle (and try to mimic it from time to time) which encourages our student employees to excel in their jobs, meaning we’re successful, too. Students are happy, clients are happy, and we’re happy we can wear jeans everyday.

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Top Campus Highlights of 2016

We’ve been busy this year! From managing successful Campus Representative programs to welcoming new team members, we did it all in 2016. Check out some of our top agency highlights from this year.

Nutella – Winter 2016

In order to help prepare for World Nutella Day, we partnered with the snack giant for the second year in a row, giving students across the country the opportunity to share a short video about why they love the brand and want to become the new Chief Nutella Ambassador. Through our national access to students we secured a national media buy including: emails, social media posts, and web page takeovers, connecting Nutella with over 18M+ students over the last two years.

MapQuest Spring Break – March 2016

To help ensure students have fun over Spring Break but also stay safe, we partnered with MapQuest and invaded Panama City Beach, FL for a taxi cab takeover during the two hottest weeks of Spring Break 2016. We successfully positioned MapQuest branding throughout the market, from beach hotspots to hotel pool decks. Through free cab ride vouchers, swag giveaways and street team activations, MapQuest generated brand awareness and engaged with students from 35 different universities and 14 different states, all while making sure students got from Point A to Point B safely.

The New York Times – Spring & Fall 2016

For the third year in a row, we coached our New York Times Campus Representatives to capitalize on current events and help connect the established brand to the college market. In 2016 our Campus Reps effectively spread brand awareness and secured new student subscriptions for the Times. They also hosted a combined 50+ events and posted 3,000+ times on social media, serving as the eyes and ears for the Times on campus. By collecting feedback and survey responses from their peers, our students have been empowered and energized knowing their opinion matters to one of the world’s leading publications.

ZTE – Spring & Fall 2016

In Spring 2016, we welcomed ZTE to our list of clients and helped build an ambassador program where students could increase brand awareness through events, social media promotion and email collection. Our successful Spring 2016 Ambassador program of 22 students quickly increased to 50 students (including Canada!) for Fall 2016. Our tech-savvy ambassadors have collected over 13,000 student emails and have gotten over 1M impressions on social media. Students also gave out some pretty awesome ZTE branded swag on campus during their 175+ events and 75 sponsorship opportunities. Pretty cool, eh?

Nordstrom Event – April 2016 

What’s the best accessory for a college student to “step into” the next phase of their life? A quality pair of shoes, of course. In April 2016, premium retailer Nordstrom enlisted Campus’ help to show why they should be the first stop for college students during their shoe shopping excursions. Through strategic media buys and on-campus influencers, our team promoted a 24-hour Snapchat challenge giving  students the ability to vote for their school to win an on-campus party thrown by Nordstrom. The University of South Carolina was the lucky winner, snagging an epic celebration that embodied the experience of a Nordstrom store, complete with a DJ, foot massages, giveaways and photo booths. Not to mention, it was MC’d by international supermodel, Karlie Kloss. Between all the love on social, campus buzz and media buys (300M+ PR impressions and counting), Nordstrom also gave out $200,000 worth of gift certificates and left USC students with a lasting impression.

The Mountain – Fall 2016: 

How do college students “Wear The Win”? In Fall 2016, we tasked ten Campus Ambassadors with making the collegiate fan wear line by The Mountain the go-to apparel choice for Game Day. From creating buzz through sponsored tailgate parties at the University of Florida and UC Berkeley, to hosting basketball tournaments and bingo nights, our ambassadors collected 5,000+ student emails, hosted a combined 130+ events and promoted 150+ times through social posts. Part of the sale proceeds also benefited Operation Hat Trick, which aids recovering American soldiers. Awesome game day vibes and helping out our Vets–what’s not to love?

CollegeFest – September 2016 

This year we were proud to host the 31st annual CollegeFest at iconic Fenway Park, the ultimate back-to-school event for New England college students. This year over 75 brands connected with more than 10K area college students through product sampling, swag giveaways, collateral distribution, lead generation and promoting app downloads. The unique, fun atmosphere of the event, complete with live music and entertainment, attracts students year after year. The best part–students get access to America’s most beloved ballpark for free!

Named a “PROMO Top Shop 2017” by Chief Marketer – November 2016

For the second year in a row, Campus has been named a “PROMO Top Shop,” a listing of the top 100 U.S. Promotional Marketing Agencies by Chief Marketer. Used nearly 73,000 times per year by brand marketers and agencies alike, PROMO Top Shops is an online directory on, highlighting an agency’s core services and contact information, as well as a company snapshot.

New Campus Team Members – Summer 2016

There are three new faces at 2 Faneuil Hall Marketplace! This summer we added a new Account Supervisor, Casey Pierce Burkinshaw, along with two new Account Managers, Shannon Bianchi and Andrea Nee to the Campus Team. Our new team members have helped ensure the success and efficiency in our New York Times, The Mountain, and Viber Campus Representative programs. Welcome to the team, ladies!

Want to learn more about us. Contact us today!
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Meet a Campus Rep – Eli Scheinholtz

“Being a Campus Representative for The New York Times has given me an opportunity to promote a brand that I am passionate about, and one that I believe provides an important service. Along with football on the University of Michigan campus, the power of political activism has been a long-standing tradition. This activism requires that college students be aware of world events and have a grasp on the nuances and complexities that surround them; they need news like The New York Times to provide that for them. We can look to the News section for the most breaking stories, The Edit (bi-weekly newsletter) to provide tailored information for us as college students, and the Times’ archives to help us contextualize it all. It’s comforting to know there’s a source of credible and quality journalism for us to turn to when we need it most!

Working for The Campus Agency has helped me meet countless new people and opened my eyes to different perspectives, as I meet and discuss the day’s news with students across a wide range of organizations, communities and beliefs. I’ve learned so much about the way people engage with current events, which has become more relevant in our lives. At such a large school, it is nice to know that we can form our own community of Times readers. As a Mentor Representative, I also had the pleasure of learning from other Representatives about the student experience at an eclectic group of schools. Despite the diversity in size, location, and culture, I see so many similarities in college students across the nation; we are always looking for easy ways to stay engaged with current events and finding new spots for interesting and exciting content. I have had a tremendous experience working for The Campus Agency, and learning about the power of brand marketing to connect people, both within my Michigan community and across the country.”

-Eli Scheinholtz

If you are a student, and are interested in becoming a Campus Rep, check out and apply for opportunities at OnCampus Nation.

If you are a brand interested in exploring on campus representatives, contact us.

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Spring Break 2016 Marketing: Panama City Beach

Spring Break 2016 is just around the corner, and Spring Break marketing efforts are on our minds here at Campus. Marketing in the most popular Spring Break locations is the best way to reach over 400,000 college students. It’s a unique marketing opportunity to reach a high volume of students in a relatively short period of time. We will walk you through the three biggest Spring Break marketing destinations, and first we’ll start with….

Panama City Beach:

As the number one Spring Break destination in the country, Panama City Beach offers a wide breadth of marketing opportunities. Here at Campus, we have access to some of the most popular hotels including The Summit Resort. Hotel branding is a great way to get your brand in front of students and make your brand unforgettable.

Hotel marketing includes but is not limited to:

  • Hotel signage and branding
  • Branded key cards
  • Pool deck branding
  • On beach activation in front of the Summit
  • In room drops
  • Elevator wraps
  • Collateral distribution
  • Door hangers


Nightlife Marketing:

After the sun goes down the opportunities to reach students continue…

  • Create VIP experiences
  • Signature drinks and
  • Panamaniac Card Sponsorship
  • In Club Signage

Events & Stunts:

Go big or go home! Event sponsorship and stunt marketing are splashy ways to make your mark. Take branding to the next level with concert sponsorship, we can get your signage in front of ten of thousands of students at the hottest concerts in PCB.  Campus has even helped break Guinness World Records.

Spring Break is the time to get creative!  We can help create the ultimate campaign that students will even bring back to campus and share with their friends.  Whether you are just look for space to activate, or need help from ideation to execution, Campus can help you make your market at Spring Break 2016!

Stay tuned for our next post on South Padre Island, TX!

For more information contact for more info! Or send us a message.

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CollegeFest 2015 Recap

CollegeFest at Fenway 2015 took place on Septmeber 12th here in Boston. The rain clouds that plagued the city all week magically departed and gave us a beautiful sunny and 75 degree day. As vendors loaded in and worked tirelessly to set up their activations, students started to line up to be the first inside.

The event opened at 11am, and students flooded into the historic ball park with over 80 vendors to interact and engage with students.

  • The Army ROTC returned as the title sponsor, staging pull up contests which always draw a crowd
  • L.L.Bean made and impact with their mobile Bean Boot and gave away giftcards with their toss the boot game
  • The home team Boston Red Sox, were giving away Red Sox SWAG, tickets and even pieces of the park! All while selling their Student 9’s tickets
  • Jeep showed off the new Renegade
  • SALT, educated students about financial responsibly with fun interactive displays
  • Monster Energy Drinks distibuted thousands of samples

It doesn’t end there, the event also featured brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Logitech, Core Power, KIND Bar and many, many more. You can find the full list here.

And who can forget the amazing bands that rocked the T-Mobile stage! There were bands and artists from all over, and even featured 3 students bands from the Berklee College of Music. In addition, there were also big crowds for dance troupes from BU and Northeastern.

In the end approximately 10,000 students came through the doors, and here at Campus, we’re already planning for next year.

Find pictures from the event here.

If you want to learn more about CollegeFest at Fenway and in other cities contact me at, or send us a note!