First Aid Beauty

Increasing brand awareness and submissions of FAB Aid at 48 schools nationwide

During the Spring of 2020,  Campus hired a team of 78 First Aid Beauty student ambassadors from 48 schools to educate students about FAB products and its mission in order to inspire further engagement with the brand. 

Our goal was to nurture a culture around First Aid Beauty by bringing focus to FAB’s award-winning skincare solution, Ultra Repair Cream. Bringing attention to FAB’s inclusive skincare treatment, to promote its inclusive head to toe application to relieve any skin type
from its biggest challenges.

Not only did we want our ambassadors to take an important role in promoting Ultra Repair Cream, but to help FAB extend its mission beyond skincare products to drive applications to FAB AID and relieve student debt across the US and some parts of Canada. 

COVID 19 put a wrench in our plans of hosting in-person events during this program, but we seamlessly pivoted our tactics and focused on working with our team of ambassadors to create inspiring content via social media channels to promote FAB products and FAB Aid, an inspiring program that allows students to tell their personal stories for a chance to have their student debt paid off by First Aid Beauty, exceeding over $1 million!

Results – 

523 Total social media posts:

  • Permanent Instagram Posts:  224
  • Instagram Story Posts:  299
  • Total Likes: 51,285
  • Total Views:  150,737
  • Total Comments:  2,485
  • Posts about FAB AID: 322
  • Overall Reach based on Phase 2 Ambassador Team ~198,205
  • 36% Engagement Rate!