Must Have Affordable Makeup for College Students


Makeup is trendy. Whether colorful cut-creases end up a fad or we all continue baking our faces for the foreseeable future, makeup is fun. But, all those fun products can add up fast. Fluorescent eye liners you’ll use a couple of times may not be worth their hefty price tag for a college student working in the student center. If you’re looking to try out a graphic liner for your next class or a halo eye next friday night, keep reading to find affordable makeup must haves.

EyeShadow Juvia’s Place

Price: $15.00 for a 9-Pan Palette

Where to Buy: or

Juvia’s Place is THE PLACE for affordable eye shadow. They have tons of great pallets to pick from, with some of the best pigmentation! If your goal is to try out colorful eye looks or just the perfect soft glam look, you can collect all the shades you want!


Source: @juviasplace via Instagram

Loose PowderMaybelline

Price: $7.99

Where to Buy: or or other drugstores.

Loose Powder is a makeup NECESSITY. You can use this powder for anything. You can ‘bake’ your face, use it to wipe away extra eyeshadow, set your liquid products so they don’t move around during the day, or even blend together anything you went a little too far with. 


Source: @maybelline via Instagram



Price: $8.00 for liquid eyeliner or $6.00 for creme eyeliner

Where to Buy: or

If you’re looking for a finishing touch on any great eyeshadow look, eyeliners are your new best friend. A black winged liner, or crazy hot pink graphic liner outlining your eye takes work. You need a pigmented liner which is easy to rebuy when you run out from all your creative looks. This liner stays in place all day, but is easy to take off with any oil remover.


Source: @colourpop via Instagram


Eyebrow PencilUlta

Price: $10.00

Where to Buy:

Your eyebrows frame your face. They’re important, but you don’t need to break the bank to get those bushy, full brows you see all over Instagram. With an eyebrow pencil you can change up the shape of your brows, or even the hue of your brow hair.




Makeup ToolsReal Techniques

Price: $5.99 for a sponge or $8.99 for an eyeshadow brush duo

Where to Buy: or

Any great makeup look starts with great makeup tools. Whether it’s a beauty sponge, the perfect angled eyeliner brush or just a fluffy blending brush; they make a difference. Invest in tools you’ll have for years to come. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they look pretty sitting on your vanity.


Source: @realtechniques via Instagram


So, give that glitter halo eye a chance and tag us in the results! These brands have tons of other great products at affordable prices to try out. Just because you’re a college student on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great quality products because of their price. 💋

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