Student Ambassadors

There’s no substitute for word of mouth through the presence of your peers.

Authenticity is everything.

Word-of-mouth is still king. This grows increasingly true with each generation. The best way to drive loyalty and adoption with Gen Z is by hearing it from friends and people they know & trust.

Less Noise. More Listening

Ambassadors reach new audiences and build loyalty by cutting through the clutter of online reviews and other noise. We’ll find your brand’s biggest fans, then – with the right tools and training – build them into your own network of enthusiastic, high-impact brand superfans.

Big Impact Comes In All Sizes.

We can create success at any scale. Whether it’s 50 campuses or 2,500 – we’ll get you results.

Ready to get started?

Brands of all sizes come to us for Gen Z marketing & college marketing questions… and we’ve got the answers.

We’re proud to work with amazing brands.

Our clients keep coming back because they know we will run through
walls to reach their goals.