YouTubeTV’s on Campus Marketing Plan


Among Gen Z and Millennials, traditional television viewership has reached historic lows, dropping over 40% since 2011. Surveys* tell us that over two-thirds of Gen Z stream their favorite content on platforms like Netflix and YouTube. But this doesn’t mean college students have abandoned live TV to the dustbin of history.

Knowing students still craved access to live TV that other streaming services didn’t provide, our team worked with YouTube TV to launch a College Campus program. Highlighting access to professional sports like MLB and the NBA along with 60+ traditional networks, our team tailored the program to students’ tastes, showcasing multi-user accounts intended for roommates and friends to share costs. With our help, YouTube TV found that gathering students back around the couch for live sports and Bachelor viewing parties was simple.

To build legitimate buzz and strong engagement, our team built a multi-faceted marketing blitz that went BIG in 4 major DMAs. 36 student ambassadors at 6 universities organized more than 20 on-campus events, creating constant one to one engagement with YouTube TV. These ambassador-driven experiences ranged from tabling in high-traffic locations around campus to live viewing parties hosted by Greek organizations and other student groups.

YouTube TV also became a hot commodity through our partnership with college campus bookstores. The Campus Agency placed YouTube TV tables and signage in bookstores and released a series of promotional emails to tens of thousands of students. Our bookstore partnership also allowed us to include YouTube TV promotional materials in textbook order boxes and distribute postcards to thousands of students who made purchases at the bookstores each day.

We also built out larger experiential marketing events designed around each school’s specific atmosphere and traditions. These university takeovers leveraged some of the participating schools’ hottest events into unforgettable experiences for thousands of students.

At Georgia Tech, we built a YouTube TV Fan Zone at the Yellow Jackets’ homecoming football game, making sure the 20,000 students and young alumni at the event had a first hand experience with the brand. To take the hype to a higher degree, we customized a branded EV with screens showcasing YouTube TV’s content, promoting the service while we transported hundreds of game attendees around campus.

The Campus Agency made YouTube TV the belle of the ball at some of the nation’s highest-profile on-campus events. To help welcome the Big Apple’s newest residents, we hit the streets of Greenwich Village for a YouTube TV extravaganza at New York University’s freshman orientation. A few weeks later, we took over UCLA’s Bruin Bash, engaging with over 15,000 attendees at one of the biggest student experiences on the west coast.

Combined with our ambassador-led campus events, YouTube TV’s #CampusAgencyPowered College Campus Program created over 40,000 direct consumer experiences with current college students. Our takeovers placed YouTube TV at the center of the conversation at some of the biggest student events in the nation, and our campaign resulted in over 5,100 app downloads.

The Campus Agency creates unique consumer experiences for national and international brands at over 2,000 campuses across the U.S. Learn more about our capabilities here.

We work with thousands of student ambassadors to promote both national and regional brands on college campuses. Learn more about our ambassador programs here.

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