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The Gen Z and College Marketing Experts

Gen Z and college marketing

The next generation of consumers… Gen Z is in college and ready to influence

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  • Find unique opportunity for brand

  • Identify best breakthrough solutions

  • Develop plan of action


  • Execute and make an impression

  • Encourage students to become part of the story

  • Drive buzz and social sharing


  • Raise brand awareness

  • Deliver tangible results

  • Achieve lasting impressions

When it comes to tapping into the influential college scene, brands of all sizes come to us. Here’s how we handle it...

Spring Break Marketing

There’s no better way to reach this target and build a following. Get on the beach, and get all the eyes on you.


Only one event brings students, brands, and live music together for a truly unforgettable back-to-school experience.

Case Study: Campus Reps

Dockers wanted key influencers wearing, loving, and talking about their new Game Day Khakis. So we launched a breakthrough campaign at 10 universities, just in time for football season.

Campus is the brainchild of Paul Tedeschi.

Headquartered in Boston, Campus is a specialized marketing agency that helps brands around the country connect with college students. Founded by Paul Tedeschi, a youth marketing expert who brings more than 27 years of experience to the table, we’re a tight-knit, fast-moving team of problem solvers dedicated to helping our clients drive engagement.