Step. 1

Initial Discovery

In our initial call we begin by learning more about why you are looking to execute a college marketing campaign. We dive deeply into your brand or product, learn about the challenges you are looking to solve, and chat about your program goals. This lays the foundation for crafting a winning strategy, complete with campaign tactics, program Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and recommendations for essential campaign assets.

Surveying & Virtual Focus Groups

When you partner with Campus, you gain immediate and on-demand access to OnCampusNation, our extensive national network of college students. After an initial discovery session where we validate your goals, needs, and resources, we delve deeper into relevant insights. This involves applying findings through surveys and focus groups. By leveraging targeted surveys and virtual focus groups, we tap into the collective wisdom of students across the country. This approach allows us to intricately explore your audience’s preferences and behaviors. Ultimately, this process shapes a data-driven strategy that distinctly stands out in the market.

Step. 2

Step. 3

Strategic Campaign Planning

Armed with the insights gained from our initial discovery session and the invaluable information collected through surveys and virtual focus groups, we seamlessly transition to the strategic planning phase. During this stage, we leverage the wealth of information gathered throughout the onboarding process to recommend and plan a campus marketing campaign tailored to meet your unique goals. Every detail, from campaign tactics and program KPIs to essential assets, is carefully crafted to ensure your brand takes center stage, making a lasting impact in the market. This third step solidifies the bridge between understanding your objectives and transforming them into a dynamic, results-driven reality.

Campaign Activation and Management

As your marketing campaign gains momentum, The Campus Agency surpasses conventional approaches by delivering meticulous, real-time oversight. We engage closely, scrutinizing every detail of your campaign’s performance. Whether it involves a campus ambassador program, influencer campaign, on-campus event, or digital marketing initiative, our team ensures that achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) is not merely an objective but a concrete reality

Step. 4

Step. 5

Post Campaign Reporting

Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive post-campaign reporting, keeping you informed about the progress and impact of your campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs). We prioritize transparency and collaboration every step of the way. This hands-on approach ensures that not only are your KPIs met but exceeded, delivering measurable and meaningful results.

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