Student Nano Social Influencers

Amplify your brand message with thousands of student voices.

Many Voices = Bigger Reach.

Don’t put all your chips into a single social media celeb. Thousands of nano influencers working together can create broader reach and make a bigger impact – for less money.

Real Students. Real Impact.

Actual students that love your brand make the best advocates. Their stories and user generated content can connect better than the slickest ad. To make doubly sure, we amplify student’s authentic voices with our own proprietary software that boosts their exposure and visibility.

Our Nano Network is Huge.

We can build you a team at all 2,500 campuses across the country. With this many voices elevating, echoing, and promoting your brand to their friends & followers – engagement is inevitable.

Ready to get started?

Brands of all sizes come to us for Gen Z marketing & college marketing questions… and we’ve got the answers.

We’re proud to work with amazing brands.

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