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Does Gen Z Still Use Email?

  • May 14 2019

As newer communication platforms are quickly adopted, how do we keep tried-and-true email marketing compelling and interactive?


Social Media: The New Creative Space for Gen Z

  • April 16 2019

Social Media is where Gen Z has chosen to express their creativity, so how can brands be a part of it?


Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Brand Ambassador

  • March 26 2019

On-campus brand ambassadors are a highly effective way to reach to college students and young professionals. Their awareness of interpersonal connections and ability to create genuine experiences ensures that they will make a lasting impact on the day to day lives of their peers, and allow their audience to make a personal connection with the brand.


The Campus Agency Named To 2019 Chief Marketer 200

  • January 21 2019

The industry’s only comprehensive list of the best engagement and activation agencies across 11 partner categories and specialties shines spotlight on the fastest-growing channels of marketing.


Campus Agency Launches On Campus Nation

  • July 31 2018

The Campus Agency launches On Campus Nation, a new service that allows brands of all sizes to reach the college student demographic.


Business and Social Media Trends to Lookout For

  • June 19 2018

Take a look at some of the most important business and social media trends that can put your company ahead of the curve and ready for 2019.


Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

  • July 11 2017

In 2017, it seems as though we live in a world that is saturated with marketing messages and advertisements. By constantly being plugged into a laptop, tablet or smartphone, it’s easy for consumers to become immune to the messages being thrown at us 24/7.


CollegeFest Travel Show 2017 Recap

  • April 18 2017

On Saturday April 8, 2017 college students filtered through the doors of Boston University’s Fitness and Recreation center between 12-5pm to experience the inaugural CollegeFest Travel Show. The event was hosted by The Campus Agency, owners and operators of CollegeFest, in partnership with StudentUniverse, the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth.


3 Reasons We Value Company Culture - and You Should, Too

  • March 15 2017

With a 40+ hour/week work schedule being standard in the U.S., the idea of a good work-life balance leaves much to be desired.


Delta Air Lines to Power Inaugural CollegeFest Travel Show

  • March 02 2017

StudentUniverse and The Campus Agency Join Forces to Launch Show to Inspire Student Travelers


5 Helpful Tools to Improve your Social Media Marketing Game

  • February 23 2017

There’s still a thing or two you can learn about social media; especially when it comes to channeling its’ power for marketing purposes.


Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

  • January 24 2017

2017 brings a generational shift and the wide acceptance of VR and the on demand economy.


Top Campus Highlights of 2016

  • December 22 2016

Check out some of our favorite highlights for 2016!


Meet a Campus Rep - Eli Scheinholtz

  • December 16 2016

Meet Eli Scheinholtz, a Senior Collegiate Representative for The New York Times.


Campus named a PROMO Top Shop!

  • November 07 2016

Campus has been named a PROMO Top Shop by Chief Marketer for 2017. This marks the second consecutive year earning this recognition


We're Hiring!

  • May 16 2016

Join our team!


The Campus Agency Adds Premier Spring Break Resort to 2016 Roster

  • January 05 2016

BOSTON, MA - The Campus Agency, a leading college marketing agency, in conjunction with their spring break partner CMG Media Agency have announced an official partnership with Isla Grand Hotel & Resort, one of South Padre Island’s most identifiable hotel properties, for major Spring Break 2016 events and promotions during the month of March.


Get 2016 Started on the Right Foot with These Millennial Shoe Trends

  • December 17 2015

Millennials are making their parents' shoe brands cool again.


Campus Named a PROMO Top Shop by Chief Marketer

  • November 06 2015

Campus Agency is named to Chief Marketer's 2016 list of PROMO Top Shops.


CollegeFest 2015 Recap

  • October 23 2015

It was another successful year for CollegeFest at Fenway Park, the ultimate welcome back for college students in Boston.


Spring Break 2016 Marketing: Panama City Beach

  • October 23 2015

Marketing to college students at Spring Break 2016 is a specialty of Campus. We can help your brands reach college students in Panama City Beach.


CollegeFest Student Engagement with Sohalo

  • September 25 2015

Early results from the CollegeFest Social Hub Platform driven by Sohalo


Meet a Campus Rep - Lauren Pak

  • September 21 2015

Meet Lauren Pak! She is a junior at Virginia Tech, as well as a Collegiate Representative for The New York Times. Check out her experience as a brand rep.


College-Tech-Fest 2015 Winner Selected

  • September 17 2015

Pinch! Named “Best New Innovation” by Boston’s college students at inaugural College-Tech-Fest!


CollegeFest celebrates its 30th year in Boston

  • September 01 2015

CollegeFest, a one day lifestyle event that welcomes college students from across Boston and New England back to school, will celebrate its 30th anniversary on September 12, 2015 at Fenway Park.


Research from Barnes & Noble College Connects Campuses and Brands

  • August 18 2015

Research platform now offers access and insights from network of more than 5 million U.S. college students.


T-Minus one month until CollegeFest!

  • August 12 2015

Only one month until CollegeFest at Fenway Park in Boston, and Dilworth Park in Philadelphia!


Campus is hiring!

  • July 31 2015

Looking for a Program Coordinator


Hot Summer Apps for Students

  • July 30 2015

With over 1.2 billion apps in the App Store (and only so much space on your phone), it can be overwhelming to search for new apps. We’ve decided to dive in to the ‘Top 5 Apps For Students This Summer’ to help you out a bit (and keep you cool).


CollegeFest is just around the corner!

  • July 08 2015

Enter it's 30th year, CollegeFest is once again poised to take over Fenway Park on September 12!


College Students Aren’t Buying Spring Trends

  • June 03 2015

A recent survey of 600 college-aged “style gurus” from CollegeFashionista.com was conducted by Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business last month. This survey discovered that young fashion-conscious shoppers aren’t enthused about this spring’s fashions. Tired of several brands, repetitive fashion and tedious campaigns, they are looking for something new and cutting edge.


How to Win the Hearts of Millennial Jetsetters

  • May 26 2015

The hotel industry is chasing the hearts of Millennial jetsetters with hotels tailored specifically for the young Millennial traveler.


Barnes & Noble College - The Hidden Marketing Gem on Campus

  • May 18 2015

Get in the minds of college consumers When you think about the campus hotspots for students at the start of the school year, your mind jumps to dorms, the library, club fairs, (parties), the classroom and – the college bookstore.


Spring Break 2015 Essentials: Brand Marketing and Fanny Packs

  • March 26 2015

Well, that’s a wrap! The month of March is coming to a close, along with the hustle and bustle of Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL. The Campus team had a blast this month overseeing some of our biggest spring break marketing campaigns in PCB, along with Beach Bash, where the world’s top DJ’s performed, including Diplo and Kaskade, drawing over 10,000 spring breakers to each event, and nearly just as many fanny packs…


Barnes & Noble Invests in Study-Material Site Flashnotes.com

  • March 09 2015

Barnes & Noble Inc. said Monday that it has invested in study-material business Flashnotes Inc., a move that will expand its college bookstore business before it is spun off into a separate publicly-traded company later this year.


Panama City Beach Spring Break Marketing 2015

  • January 28 2015

Spring Break marketing in Panama City Beach is on of the best ways to reach college students.


Grocery Stores get a Makeover Suited to the Tastes of a Younger Generation

  • January 20 2015

Lowes Foods, a grocery chain with locations in the Carolinas and Virginia, is taking advice from Buzzfeed and Pixar in their redesign. It sounds crazy, but it may just work. Lowes, a previously traditional grocery chain, is attempting to capture the millennial market who often frequent trendy grocery stores with more organic options like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.


Spring Break Marketing 2015

  • January 13 2015

Spring Break Marketing


Welcome to 2015!

  • January 05 2015

What are your marketing goals in 2015?


Barnes & Noble College Marketing and The Campus Agency Join Forces to Create Innovative Brand Experiences on College Campuses

  • December 03 2014

Partnership links top brands with more than five million college students nationwide


What Word of Mouth Can Do For Your Brand

  • November 18 2014

Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing has a lot more power on a consumer purchase decision than many brands realize. Resulting in six trillion dollars, WOM captured one-eighth of total consumer spending. Word of Mouth Marketing Association conducted a study which found out the number of consumer sales on average from word-of-mouth interactions. Categories included telecommunications, food, beverage, software, personal services and television- all included online and offline consumer conversations and recommendations.


Why Does My Brand Need a Campus Ambassador Program

  • November 18 2014

"What can a college student do to help my brand," you ask? According to several studies on millennial consumers, 93% of millennials have purchased a product after hearing about it from family or friends while 89% trust these recommendations more than claims made by the brand. So in short, a lot.


Why Millennials Are Important For Your Brand Long-Term

  • November 15 2014

It's the generation that is constantly learning and adapting, eager to experience and accepting of new ideas. Shifting focus to the millennial demographic will be important to any brand's future success. By giving millennials exposure and insight into your brand, it will put your product or service at the top of mind next time they are making a purchase and create loyal customers in the long-term.


We moved to a larger space!

  • September 15 2014

We got new digs! We've moved and adjusted our space to help house our expanding team.


Campus Agency Buys CollegeFest from MRY

  • October 17 2013

Earlier this month Campus Agency acquired CollegeFest, a nearly 30 year-old Boston based college focused event, with plans to expand it's reach


Email Marketing

  • June 06 2013