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Spring Break Marketing 2015
Spring Break Marketing 2015


Why Spring Break is Important

With around 1.5 million students attending Spring Break every year and spending near 1 billion dollars in Florida and Texas alone, Spring Break marketing is a huge opportunity for college-oriented brands. Furthermore, Spring Break gives brands the unique opportunity to reach college students from many different areas of the country in a single location.

Spring Break Strategy

As with any marketing campaign, going into Spring Break, it is essential that you develop a strategy that will capture the attention of students. Are you looking to do a big activation? Do you want to be on-beach or focus on nightlife promotions? What message are you trying to send? How do you plan on engaging the students and getting them excited about your brand? What needs are you fulfilling with your campaign? What will be the overall outcome of your activation? These are all important questions to ask when planning a Spring Break marketing campaign. It's also important not to lose focus on what matters – the students. Keep their wants and needs in mind and find a way to appeal to them in a unique way that they will appreciate.

Great Spring Break Campaigns Provide Value For Students And For Your Brand

Spring Break is a key marketing opportunity for any brand looking to reach the college demographic. Once a year students descend on a few key locations around the country, giving brands a unique opportunity to reach and connect with a huge number of students in a short period of time. With over 25 years of college marketing experience, Campus has the experience and assets to put any brand front and center at Spring Break.

Join Campus at the reigning #1 Spring Break destination, Panama City Beach, Florida. In the month of March it's beautiful beaches bring together college students from all around the country, exciting performances, national brands, games and contests. Campus also has a significant presence in Daytona Beach, Miami and South Beach, Spring Break powerhouses who play host to swarms of college students. With hotel and beach access at a variety of properties, Spring Break activations can range from unique to traditional, all in keeping with your brand image.

Traveling west you'll find South Padre Island, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. South Padre is a magnet for college students from all over Texas and the Midwest. If you are looking to connect with students from the west coast, Lake Havasu, AZ is the place to be. Located along the Colorado river between Arizona and California, Lake Havasu offers an incredible setting and is a perfect spot to soak in the desert sun. With over 100 acres of hotel, beach and water access.

Branding opportunities at Spring Break take many forms and Campus will secure access and manage all of your activations to ensure maximum engagement and exposure. Are looking for space and want to activate your spring break promotion yourself? No problem, we'll be there to get you where you need to be and answer any questions you have along the way.

Options include:

  • Custom Beach Activations
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Concerts Sponsorship
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Bus Wraps
  • Logo Projections
  • Hotel & On-Beach Sampling
  • Pool Deck Branding and Sponsorship
  • Hotel Signage
  • Branded Key Cards & Door Hangers
  • Elevator Wraps
  • Branded Shower Curtains & other In-Room Options
  • Billboards
  • Website Takeovers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Email Blasts
  • Whether you have a Spring Break marketing strategy planned out or are still assessing the opportunity, Campus can help formulate a successful plan of action to get you marketing on beach and beyond.

    Spring Break Marketing Destinations Include:
    Panama City Beach, FL
    Lake Havasu, AZ
    Daytona Beach, FL
    South Padre Island, TX
    Miami Beach, FL

    To request our full spring break capabilities deck, contact Chris Nyland at 857-233-4792 and/or chris@thecampusagency.com

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