Grocery Stores get a Makeover Suited to the Tastes of a Younger Generation


Lowes Foods, a grocery chain with locations in the Carolinas and Virginia, is taking advice from Buzzfeed and Pixar in their redesign. It sounds crazy, but it may just work. Lowes, a previously traditional grocery chain, is attempting to capture the millennial market who often frequent trendy grocery stores with more organic options like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

By taking on the quippy voice of Buzzfeed and an aesthetic like one you might see in a Toy Story movie, they may be onto something. The new Lowes has created an environment with it’s own personality, perhaps more like a step inside a dream world rather than a place to run into for a gallon of milk. They have created self-deprecating and ironic ads to promote their new image with sayings like, “Grocery Finally Grows a Pear” to further differentiate themselves from traditional grocery stores. After all, the last thing millennials want to do is live in the world of their baby boomer parent.

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