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College Students: Why your Brand Should Care

They have money to spend

Nearly half of all college students work. With tuition often covered by loans or parents, the money they do make is theirs to spend. They also carry plastic. 78% of students have at least one credit card. According to Sallie Mae, they are using it for more than just books: 84% of students use credit cards for food, 70% of students use cards for clothing, and 69% of students use cards for cosmetics.

They spend a lot prepping for college

Back to school spending is expected to reach $33.7 billion according to the National Retail Federation. This may not be considered discretionary spending, but if you sell electronics, dorm supplies, apparel, shoes or school supplies you know how important this time of year is to the bottom line. Make sure you are top of mind going into this shopping blitz.

They have time to waste

A full course load at most colleges can take up less than 15 hours a week. Even with a part time job, this still leaves students with a lot of flexibility. They are looking for ways to fill their time. They online shop, go out with their friends, and travel. In short, they have fun and spend money.

They document every moment of their lives

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter… the list goes on. This generation loves to talk about themselves and share their experiences. Make a good impression and they will share it. Give them a great deal, they will share it. Sure, word of mouth is nothing new, but the word has never traveled this fast before.

They are in the beginning of their customer-life-cycle

They are away from home, making their own purchase decisions. Whether it is which brand of spaghetti sauce to buy, which coffee shop or energy drink will get them through 4 years of mid terms and finals, what type of car they will drive or what clothes they will wear, these choices could shape spending habits for the rest of their lives. Create valuable lifelong brand loyalists by getting your brand in their decision set now.

The Point

These emerging adults have the money and freedom to start choosing which brands will lead them through college and into adulthood. Attract them now or risk losing out on a lifelong customer.

Ambassador Programs Client Stories Events Experiential

Allo Messaging Meets Gen Z

When Google made their first foray into the group messaging app market with Allo, they knew that Gen Z would be the keystone of their consumer base. Allo’s competitors had a considerable market share among students who used group messaging apps to text their network of friends and communicate with fellow members of teams, clubs, and other organizations, and Google needed an eye-catching marketing strategy to entice students to switch their conversations to Allo. Enter The Campus Agency.

In the spring of 2017, The Campus Agency ran a test Allo campaign on our home turf in Boston. We organized Allo takeovers at Boston University and Northeastern University, working with 40 campus ambassadors to promote Allo to their fellow students. Enlisting some of Boston’s best-known food trucks, like Cookie Monstah and Boston Frosty, we gave away personalized sweets to students who downloaded Allo, with their Allo group names and photos mouth-wateringly rendered in icing and edible ink.

Our Boston campus takeover culminated in a one-of-a-kind concert by the chart-topping band Bleachers at Royale, one of the city’s most storied music venues. Free to any student who had downloaded Allo, the concert utilized Google’s latest technology to create free, personalized Allo merchandise for the 1200 lucky students admitted.

Energized by the success of our Boston event, Google enlisted The Campus Agency’s help to expand our Allo takeover to the 14 universities in the Big Ten Conference in the fall of 2017. With 20 ambassadors raising Allo’s profile on each campus, we curated our Allo campaign to match each school’s unique personality. At every Big Ten university, we released a branded pedicab onto the streets. Anyone who’d downloaded Allo was given a free ride in the pedicab to anywhere they pleased around campus, with our ambassadors explaining Allo’s unique features and distributing promotional materials along the ride. At student-frequented eateries around each campus, we purchased thousands of popular menu items for anyone who downloaded Allo, with ambassadors in each restaurant tabling for Allo during the promotion.

The Campus Agency made Allo’s Big Ten takeover a fixture of the conference’s sports calendar. Our Allo signage in stadiums and arenas reached tens of thousands of fans in the stands and millions more watching at home. On campus, our Allo tailgate parties, complete with branded cornhole games and catered food giveaways, became a nexus of school spirit each Saturday.

For each Allo campus takeover, we prioritized locally-minded engagement and student-driven experiences. At the University of Wisconsin, we staged an Allo tailgate party in partnership with the Phi Oompa Loompa fraternity, giving away free grilled cheeses from the x food truck. For students camping out to be first in line for season tickets at basketball-crazed Michigan State, Allo delivered free catered meals and blanketed campus dining trucks in branded signage.

The publicity generated by our Allo Big Ten campaign resulted in x downloads and x percent growth in brand awareness. We gave away x dollars of food, merchandise, and rides, and directly engaged x thousand students. In total, The Campus Agency’s Google Allo campaign created x million PR impressions.

Company News

StudentUniverse sells agency division to Paul Tedeschi’s new firm; The Campus Agency

WALTHAM, Mass., June 10, 2013

StudentUniverse launched “StudentUniverse Media” as a media network in early 2010. The division later evolved into SUMM (StudentUniverse Media and Marketing) – after seeing a growing demand for a full-service media and marketing agency specializing in brand strategy and execution in the student/youth market.

The former Founder and CEO of Mr. Youth, Paul Tedeschi, joined as General Manager and the agency has helped brands like RedBull, SoBe, Walgreens and Levi’s reach more students. Tedeschi has now agreed to acquire SUMM for an undisclosed amount.

“SUMM has left the mother ship and will continue on its new journey. We have incubated a great business and we wish the team all the best” said StudentUniverse CEO, Atle Skalleberg. “StudentUniverse will continue to utilize the college marketing services SUMM offers.”

SUMM’s current General Manager, Paul Tedeschi will continue to lead the business along with the entire SUMM team: “I believe this move will improve our focus and ensure continued growth. We are excited to build on the various promotional and digital marketing services we provide our clients in the youth market.”

Tedeschi said the new firm will be known as The Campus Agency and will officially launch on July 1, 2013. The agency will move from Waltham to new offices in Boston later this Summer.

About StudentUniverse

StudentUniverse is a tech company that provides exclusive discounts, rewards, and experiences for students, faculty and youth. StudentUniverse negotiates exclusive airfares from over 65 airline partners globally, discounted rates on hotels and tours all over the world. We believe that travel enriches education and that students should be able to explore their world without breaking the bank.

About SUMM and Paul Tedeschi

SUMM (StudentUniverse Media and Marketing) is a nontraditional media and marketing agency specializing in the student market. The SUMM team not only has a deep understanding of the college market and broad connections with companies in the college space, but extensive experience in student deals and building partner relationships.

Paul Tedeschi, General Manager of SUMM, is a veteran youth marketer having worked in the field for over 25 years. Paul works closely with clients to develop innovative marketing campaigns with “big ideas” for brands that drive selling, customer acquisition and brand awareness. Paul started his first agency, Collegiate Advantage, during his junior year at BU’s College of Communication. He then went on to become co-founder and CEO of Mr. Youth (now MRY), where he created and managed large scale acquisition and branding programs for Microsoft, Ford, Citi Bank and Scion among others.

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